Rocketship Education Revolutionizing Parental Involvement

Many parents think it would be nice to have more involvement in their children’s education. However, not many parents actually get that opportunity. Rocketship Education not only gives them that chance, they also take an active role in making the communities they are a part of better as well.

Not a New Concept

Bringing the parents in when it comes to hiring teachers and even school administrators isn’t a new concept. The Los Angeles Unified School District involved the parents, the teachers, and even the students when they needed a new principal for the Westside Alternative School in Marina Del Rey. Everyone who wanted to be involved in the hiring and interview process was given a voice.

Rocketship Education Roots

Rocketship Education was founded in 2007 in San Jose, California. They have received national acclaim for the personalized attention their students get as well as the blended education styles they utilize. However, it is the unique parental involvement at the core of their programs that has gotten the most attention, especially from the individual communities in which they operate.

Parental Involvement

Even at schools that haven’t completed construction yet, parents that plan to send their children to Rocketship schools are involved in the hiring process for the new teachers at those locations. Those parents who sit in on the interviewing process take their role quite seriously. After all, the teachers they have an impact on hiring will be directly involved in the education of their children. That is definitely something to take seriously.

Rocketship Involvement

Not only does Rocketship Education take the voice of the parents to heart, but they care about the communities they operate in as well. Many of the communities they decide to build schools in are designated as having high crime rates or are low-income. Just one way they help the parents that help them help their children, is to create places within those schools for parents to have access to the internet to apply for jobs so they can help their kids even more.

Rocketship Education isn’t interested in bringing in students to churn out test numbers. They truly want to make an impact on the communities they are involved in, and it shows based on the communications they have with both parents and students.