Rodrigo Terpins on his Experince with the Sertoes Rally

Rodrigo Terpins has been one of the Brazilian off-road rally drivers that have been at the forefront of charity in their country. He has been in the sport for decades and has established a strong presence in philanthropy as well. Rodrigo Terpins says that unless he can drive on behalf of charities, his work is not as worth it.



One of the biggest joys for the off-road rally driver is being able to work together with his brother. The younger Michel Terpins followed in on the off-road rally driving a few years after Rodrigo Terpins took up the career. Michel Terpins started with motorcycles but later switched to the category for cars. Both brothers rally in the Prototype T category and drive a T-Rex car, provided to them by one of their sponsors. Check out




Michel Terpins and Rodrigo Terpins both take after their father in terms of passion towards sports. Both brothers have been playing all kinds of sports and practicing outdoor activities since childhood. Their father is sports enthusiast and used to play basketball for a team. He later went into the sports business.



The Terpins brothers later formed their Bull Sertoes Rally Team which is what they are known as. The team is based on one of the most popular events in off-road rallying in Brazil called the Sertoes Rally. It is an annual event that takes a week every year and brings together a huge community during that time.



The Bull Sertoes Rally Team takes part in the Sertoes Rally almost every single year. The Sertoes Rally is the most important event for the Terpins brothers. The only is made to test the skills of the drivers which is what keeps participants looking forward to the Sertoes Rally every year.



The Sertoes Rally is 3 000 km and has rivers experience varied terrains. That way, the participants can gauge the level of their skills at different terrains, as well as their endurance and the effectiveness of the decisions. Like no other, the Sertoes Rally gather a huge crowd. It is a community that inspires and motived off-road rally drivers.