SahmAdrangi – A Man On a Mission

If you have any familiarity with Wall Street, you no doubt have heard the name SahmAdrangi. If you haven’t, you better sit up and take notice because he is taking the world of finance by storm with no signs of slowing down. A graduate of Yale University, with a Bachelor’s in Economics, Adrangi was put in the spotlight when he shorted some dishonorable Chinese businesses. Some of these businesses eventually had actions taken against them by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This deed put the name, SahmAdrangi, in the mouths of many prominent financial gurus and was the beginning of something that would soon make headlines in the world’s most prominent newspapers.

In 2009, Adrangi founded Kerrisdale Capital Management, of which he has been fully engulfed in since its inception. He now serves as the Chief Investment Officer and manages approximately $500 million. His uncanny ability to determine which companies will prosper and which will soon fail has the caused the general public to watch closely what he does. Through his blog and Twitter, he has no problem sharing the company’s research results, along with his own thoughts, to inform the public of what is going on in the stock exchange, much to the chagrin of some of the companies he tweets about.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about SahmAdrangi is the fact that he is not only a scintillating analyst in the stock market, but he also advocates for companies that may be having issues with their stocks. His advice is warmly welcomed by many and when he is scheduled to speak at conferences, the seats run out very quickly. Some of the more notable conferences include Distressed Debt Investing, Value Investing, and the Sohn Conference. In addition, SahmAdrangi has been featured in several major publications, including the New York Times and the Washington Post. He is a role-model for up and coming investors and a well-respected colleague of some of the most seasoned investors.

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