Sean Penn’s Paradoxical Book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Academy Award-winning Sean Penn discusses his new book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff- considered to be a hilariously funny, exceptionally anti-utopian take on a salesman who moonlights as a contract killer for the U.S. government. Sean Penn gives us a glimpse into his thought process on why he chose to stray from his successful career in acting to writing a book.

He states, with films, the success or failure is contributed to a collaboration of people, Penn decided to write Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff largely due to his desire to have something that was completely his creation. In addition to creative liberties, he doesn’t want to be tied down by the financial constraints that come with creating screenplays either. Currently, he has no desire to be a part of a film in any capacity. He’s really enjoying writing books.



Amongst the topics in Bob Honey, Penn touches on the MeToo movement, stating that the movement in his book is more about inclusiveness than divisiveness. When asked if his book is a direct contradiction to what Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is actually about, branding, he admits that it is, in a way, ironic that he is is calling out branding at a time that he finds marketing necessary. Although he says, his form of branding has always seemed to fall outside of the typical format.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff is so far-fetched that it’s hard not to make the distinct parallels between the nation’s present state of reality and the book.

Bob Honey, a jaded divorce’ is bittered by his ex-wife, her current husband and his inept landlord, who likens the President. Bob Honey is as complex as one would assume a septic-tank salesman/ hitman would be. Penn blurs the lines between reality and fiction with Bob Honey. It is not meant to be read as his opinion on the state of the world. It’s a satirical stab at the distinctions between what is now considered real and fake- and who makes those distinctions.