Securus Technology Acquires a Leading Government Payment Processing Company, GovPayNet

The recent acquisition of GovPaynet by Securus Technologies has impressively allowed Securus to bring in 40 million new payment processes a year.


Securus Technologies, led by CEO and president, Robert E. Pickens, is a leading technology solution provider to governmental agencies throughout the U.S. Currently serving public safety, corrections and law enforcement agencies, 1986 was the beginning of its expedition, starting with a vision and a drive to take on the competition with hard-work, determination and strategic confidence, the battle of growth within the market was a victorious feat. Credit payment processing wasn’t one of its strongest provisions, but was an option available to its clients. Securus is best known for its provisions related to: information management, product and service monitoring, public information, incident management, investigation, emergency response and more. If you were to visit their website, you’ll get a better explanation of its provisions, government payment services is one, but Securus’ plan was to expand on its government payment services to a broader market and offer more complexity and innovative technology.


With the acquisition of GovPayNet, Securus is now able to reach the 2,300 agencies within 35 states acquired from GovPayNet, which has been a golden opportunity for the company to increase its provisions thereof. As it has been documented, Securus has an incredible portfolio of products and a history of excellent integrity and professionalism. As GovPayNet has as well, these two businesses are made for each other, a pair that is to drastically improve the governmental solution market at exceeding margins.


As a 40 million payment processing total transaction a year is of great accomplishment, so is a repetition of such. With two governmental agency product providers of top quality joining their solutions as one, Securus acquisition is definitely a gold mine of opportunity for government agencies to thrive. As the two continue to innovate, there is only excitement brewing as to what these two companies are able to accomplish in the future.