Sheldon Lavin Managerial Strides.

Sheldon Lavin is currently the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group which is a distinguished market leader in the food industry. Over the past decades, the company has witnessed a remarkable growth in terms of brand establishment that is linked to the high rate of earnings. It started out as merely a butcher shop run by a German immigrant during the early 20th century and five decades after it was identified as one of the key regional suppliers of meat for McDonald’s.

Sheldon Lavin has an experience of at least 40 years in the industry of investment and banking that traces back before joining OSI Group. In the 1970s, he joined the company as a half partner and fatefully, he gained absolute voting power following the resignation of one of the founding brothers. His outstanding managerial expertise is ascribed to the consistent expansion and growth over the years despite the unwavering competition in the industry.
Indeed, Sheldon Lavin takes pride in the reputation of the company transforming from a meat supplier of a single client to a top-notch enterprise operating globally. With a record of nearly 20000 staff members, OSI Group has provided a solution to the high unemployment rate that is present in many countries. In addition, Sheldon has seen to it that there is a homogenous culture in the working environment of all the outlets and that diversity does not stand in their way.

Sheldon Lavin, exceptional management saw him receive the Global Visionary Award in 2016 that is highly regarded in the business world. The academy was convinced that he stood the test over the years to realize growth in OSI Group into a giant company that has set the pace for the industry at large. The company boasts itself of being present in 17 different countries and having a total of 65 facilities. For instance, OSI Group in India has eight locations of operation where in addition to meat, food and vegetables are processed.

Notably, Sheldon Lavin is placed as the trustee of Ronald McDonald House Charities. He also partakes in significant local and national charities such as The Sheba Foundation where he is the Director. This has endeared him to the public with a reputation that goes beyond this era.

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