Shervin Pishevar Explains the Antiquated Infrastructure in the United States

There are many countries thriving when it comes to the speed of execution as well as innovation. The United States is not one of them, according to Shervin Pishevar. The venture capitalist recently took to Twitter to discuss a number of topics, including how the US infrastructure is “in tatters, decrypt and decaying.”

One of the biggest problems with the infrastructure, says Shervin Pishevar, is that the United States government and many Fortune 500 companies are trapped in short-term thinking. They look at what they can accomplish in the now. Without any long-term thinking in place, it will be hard to succeed.

The Speed of Execution is Poor

Shervin Pishevar identifies that, because the infrastructure is antiquated, we fail in the speed in which we execute things. It takes too long for companies to do anything because we’re too busy using an old infrastructure that no longer works. Other countries have evolved. China used 1,500 construction workers to be able to build a train station in nine hours. This made headlines everywhere.

The likelihood of the United States being able to do something like this is slim. The reason is that we’re too caught up in short-term thinking. We don’t have the infrastructure that could pull something like this off.

Innovation is Lost

We’re also losing the battle of innovation as a result of our infrastructure problems. Silicon Valley used to be where some of the best ideas launched. However, it’s now more of an idea than a physical place. More countries are generating some amazing coders and we’re not bringing them into the United States because of physical and cultural border problems. We’re not evolving as technology evolves. That’s causing a major problem.

If we can’t change our infrastructure, we may be doomed as a country. Shervin Pishevar has shown how we can make some changes, but it’s up to the various companies to implement these changes.