Steve Ritchie and How He Saved Papa John’s Publicity

Papa John’s is definitely one of the best pizza parlors in the world and they have certainly defined themselves as one of the producers of the best tasting pizza – making them one of the staple names in the industry and for sure one of the top leaders in the pizza trade.

With their high-profile and and their high-quality performance in their field – they have garnered support from the community and also from big companies. Papa John’s has been the partner of the National Football League for quite some time now, along with a few paid partnerships with this. But along with this, the pizza industry has now a lot of great competitors, which puts some of these at the same level of competition with Papa John’s which puts them on a battle for customers which means their market is divided and their sales performance is greatly affected.

Recently, the National Football League has entered a controversial phase with the whole “taking the knee” during the singing of their National Anthem – and the founder of Papa John’s, John Schnatter, has wrongfully blamed this controversy as the main reason for their loss in sales and their worsening sales performance and in a call conference he was in he deliberately used a racial slur. As per, obviously, this was not the smartest move that he has pulled, and though he has only the best intentions for his company, his actions has put Papa John’s under a bad light: losing their National Football League partnership, losing its baseball marketing platform, and its endorsements in major advertisement spaces.

This bad performance on their market quickly grabbed the attention of their Chief Executive Officer, Steve Ritchie Papa Johns – and he was the main reason on stopping the potential downfall of Papa John’s. He has composed as heartfelt public apology for the actions of their founder, John Schnatter, and Steve Ritchie was successful into tapping and touching the hearts of the market and reeling back in their loyal customers – and therefore ultimately regaining back their stable market performance. Thanks to the genius of Steve Ritchie, Papa John’s has gotten back on its feet and is performing better than before.

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