Student Fights Harassment with Wiki Entries

For better or worse the future of the world is being formed by social media and the internet. It is now possible for any business or individual to create a Wikipedia page of their own or hire Wiki experts to do the work for them. Get Your Wiki has a staff of professional Wiki writers for hire who will organize, collate and format the information given, and this listing will appear on Wikipedia. For information about how to create, edit and update Wiki pages, contact Wikipedia editors for hire from a Wikipedia writing service such as Get Your Wiki. 

There are still places in the world, where countries do not take advantage of the internet, this may be the new definition of third world countries. Almost everyone on this globe, hurtling through space, can read and write, but cultures functioning without the Internet are operating at an intellectual deficiency. Those of us, lucky enough to live in an Internet oriented world, have an expansive, limitless expanse of knowledge available at our fingertips.

But this information sharing, media enabled world, has its downsides. Now that everyone has a voice there are those persons, usually males, with limited intelligence but oversized egos, who can not contribute in a positive and rational way, but must resort to childish bullying and moronic humor. These two base, almost sub-human aspects are, unfortunately, on full display and, my guess is, aimed at the opposite sex in a bizarre attempt at self-importance. Such was the case with Emily Temple Wood, a student at Loyola who had been editing Wikipeia for years. When she received insulting comments from the above mentioned sub-human males, she would respond by making a listing or adding information for a woman to appear on Wikipedia. Read the full story on Telegraph.

There are those people who examine the world in great detail, these scientists of the mind who see relationships in things which most of us are unaware of. Recently there has been criticism aimed at the writers and editors of Wikipedia, the best reference source for the Internet. The criticism is that most of the Wikipedia writers and editors are males and they orient and focus their attention on things which are important to men. There is a movement to counterbalance this bias by women who are contributing content which is woman oriented.

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