The Battle of the Century – Can Eric Lefkofsky win that battle

How many wars we have fought and how many times we needed to carry on the pain of seeing one of our love ones died of cancer. In this Century probably millions of people have lost someone with this horrible disease.

Eric Lefkofsky Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus a technology Company that has built an operating system to battle cancer, said that a truck drivers get better data about how to do their jobs than Oncologists.

Cancer-genome-sequencing is the whole genome sequencing of a single homogeneous or heterogeneous group of cancer cells. Eric Lefkofsky said about gathering more molecule data, clinical data will help patients and their specific needs. Every one has a different DNA/RNA .

The difference between both is DNA is a biological guideline that a living organism must follow to exist. RNA carry out the blueprint’s guidelines. Also the difference between both is the sugar and more information click here.

What a difference will be if only Eric Lefkofsky can achieve his dreams with the amazing knowledge that he has, separate from being the Co-Founder and CEO of Tempus he is also the Co-Founder of Uptake, Chairman – Co-Founder of Groupon, Co-Founder of Light bank, Founder of Media bank and also Co-Founder of Lefkofsky Family Foundation.

Tempus is a biochemical laboratory method for the characterization and identification of the DNA or RNA sequences of cancer cells.

Patients with different Cancer problems can have more hope when people like Eric Lefkofsky a man of knowledge and with his own experience of having his own wife diagnosed with breast cancer will make a difference in the treatment for this horrible disease.

It is time to finish this war against cancer, it is possible to win, when you have someone who died of cancer and you see your brother, or mother, or friend getting sicker and sicker, you just hope and pray for a better treatment and his Twitter.