The positive impact of José Henrique Borghi on the Brazilian Advertising Industry

The influence of his sister

Before José Henrique Borghi joined the advertisement industry, he had ever developed an idea of being part of it. Initially, Borghi had other business ideas of interest other than this industry. Early in his life, Borghi was concerned about the future of his sister. He helped the sister to get a career choice which would sustain her. The advertisement industry appeared to be more attractive in all the selections. As the sister was settling for the advertisement field, Borghi too gained interest, and this became the beginning of his journey.


The tough beginning of his advertisement career

Having identified a gap in the industry, Borghi went to the PUC-Campinas where he took his undergraduate program. The training process became difficult after Jose was faced by certain financial struggles which forced him to secure a job. The first job that Henrique secured was an editing job at the Ogilvy Agency. The focus of his career landed him at the right place since his first job became an opening to several other opportunities and Borghi on Facebook.


The career development

The Brazilian Advertisement needed a lot of input. After Borghi had joined Ogilvy Agency, he received several other offers because of his impressive performance. In as much as the first job was not paying properly, the experience that Jose received was more important. After starting the Borghi Company, the company got a boost in 2006 when it partnered with Lowe. Since there were separate experiences needed, the differences in expertise gave the founders an ability to work in different departments. The growth of the Borghi Ad Agency received a further boost in the same year when it received the Mullen Agencies as a partner. The name of the company was later changed to Mullen Lowe Ad Agency where the satisfaction is cherished and more information click here.