The Prodigy Behind Green Sky Credit And The Applicant Sahm Adrangi

The story of Green Sky Credit is one that is unique and one that is of natural brilliance. The founder and CEO of Green Sky Credit, David Zalik, started out at a University town in Alabama.

Zalik comes from a professional background where his father was a professor in mathematics at Auburn University.

Reading the textbooks that were readily available, Zalik went on to college before graduating from high school officially at the age of 14. As Zalik put things, he realized he was going to have to earn money while in college for the things that he wanted, so he started building computers and selling them. This launched his first company Micro Tech. This was the opportune time to get into electronics because this was when the world would see the electronics boom. Home computers had gone from these things one couldn’t really figure out how to work, but that everyone wanted, to the most tech savvy pieces of equipment anyone could want or have.

Going on from college to Atlanta, Georgia, Zalik found an interest in the banking industry. He soon found that he could supply people with home remodeling loans by dealing directly with the contractors who would do the work and offering the loan products through them. From this endeavor, Green Sky Credit was borne.

To show how the application process works, Sahm Adrangi was introduced. As a prototype applicant Sahm Adrangi shows prospective clients his experiences as he goes through the loan process from completing the application to having the application assessed and processed to receiving the final stamp of approval. Sahm Adrangi shows that the application process is not invasive and quite simple a procedure. Through his step by step experience, one can see that the process is simple, pain free, and the final approval is exhilarating.

Sahm Adrangi is possibly the reason for a large amount of sales because he takes away the mystery behind the application process. People know what is going to happen, so they are less inhibited and more apt to apply.

Remarkably, Zalik is a true success story in America, and success in America is what the best of the best do.