The Selfless Actions of Paul Mampilly Speak Volume.

Paul Mampilly’s art of wealth management didn’t just come as a surprise; it was after investing a lot of effort and tenacity in his school work and also during his employment. Paul Mampilly finished his undergraduate study program in 1991 from the Montclair State University. He was pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Business administration. He later enrolled for a master degree at the Fordham Gabelli School of Business, where he studied for two years before joining the Wall Street America to start his finance career.

At the Wall Street, his dreams started turning into reality; promotions followed after promotions. The first job that he got was at the Bankers Trust. He continued working as an assistant portfolio manager for a while before his outstanding performance was recognized by the company’s management. He was made the portfolio manager in charge of all the investments of the company. After three years at the company, a huge banking and Investment Company, Deutsche Bank purchased the Bankers Trust. This necessitated the movement of Paul Mampilly to Deutsche where he started working as a research assistant. He late moved to ING as the head of the company’s research analysis. His proficiency later attracted Kinetics Asset Management to employ Mampilly to work as their hedge manager.

All this work made Paul Mampilly reputable and admirable by every member of the investment industry. However, in his heart, he felt that something very crucial was missing. This as the impact of his wide knowledge in investment to the society at large. What disturbed him was the understanding that the only people who benefited from his vast knowledge were the few wealthy individuals who had already made it in life. He realized that the common American who needed the same expertise never got the chance to benefit from it.

This persuaded Paul Mampilly to tender his resignation and leave employment. Outside employment, Paul joined the Banyan Hill Publishing as a senior editor. His main goal was to publish his knowledge and financial acumen and dispense it to the larger population in America so that they could benefit from it. Besides this, Mampilly also afforded enough time to spend with his family.

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