The Story of Matt Badiali on the Investment of Natural Resources

Matt Badiali has studied natural resources for more than two decades. With all this experience it’s clear that Matt is an expert in energy, mining and agricultural industries. Matt Badiali has worked on drill rigs; explored abandoned mines and even owned wells. All in an effort of ensuring that he makes profitable investments advice especially on natural resources. He says that he has been all around the world moving from, Yukon, Iraq, New Guinea, Hong Kong as well as the Mexican desert. He says that there is no better way to know what’s going on the ground than going out there to see it for yourself. With this approach in mind, he is always meeting different company CEOs, investors and experts to keep himself updated on all the latest updates.

Matt Badiali got a call from his friend to join the world of finance when he was on his 5th year of study where he was working on his Ph. D. He was also teaching at the University of North Carolina. His friend who is a famous financial expert had earned himself a lot of wealth selling privileged research to some of the top investors in the world. The expert that the knowledge and expertise Matt Badiali had in geology and science would help him on a particular project. He wanted to duck into the world of mining, energy and natural resources. However, he knew that he would not be able to make exceptional returns without the help of a geologist working with him. After Matt got engaged in this project, he would go around to different companies to ensure that what they had on paper held on the ground.

That was more than a decade ago, and since then Matt Badiali has been able to earn himself a reputation of Excellency in offering advice on the investment of natural resources. Matt attributes his ability to his education and expertise in this field. He says that since the area of natural resources investment is highly cyclical and speculative, it’s essential to have proper knowledge of the market, finance and the science behind the resources. He feels that it’s possible to acquire a lot of returns from the investment in natural resources when equipped with the right knowledge.

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