The Sussex Healthcare Serving The Elderly And The Mentally Ill.

The Sussex healthcare serving the elderly and the mentally ill.

The Sussex healthcare is a team of nursing homes that have experience in the field for more than two decades. There are around twenty homes that are managed by the healthcare organisation and are a majority of them are found in the southern part of the united kingdom.

The Sussex organization has employed over two hundred individuals. The organization offers a range of services that encompass the administration of care to the elderly individuals in the society, the mentally incapacitated with c Alzheimer’s or dementia. Moreover, they aid individuals with physical learning inabilities.

The personnel employed are highly trained caregivers that are focused on improving the lives of the individuals in the homes by involving them in activities they had earlier enjoyed in their lives. The Sussex healthcare organization also focuses on other activities such as the social recreational activities. It also ensures the residents receive the best nutritional balance for their various dietary needs. Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani head the organization. The duo has provided the Sussex healthcare organization with their skills from their experience backgrounds.

Shiraz Boghani is a successful accountant in the hospitality field associating himself with twenty hotels and as a partner with sojourn. He was born and raised in Kenya before moving to the UK. Mr. Sachedina was also born in Africa, Tanzania. He attained his dental degree from the Guy’s Hospital Dental School. Mr. Shafik is actively involved in both and the Agha Khan the Ismaili community in which he previously served as their president for their council in the UK.

Amanda Taylor is the Chief Executive Officer imputing her skills in mental health care. Her expertise goes further to cover auditing of public and private companies. Other board members include Professor Nick Bosanquet and Peter Catchpole who both have medical skills one as a health economist and another as a nurse that specializes in general and learning disabilities.

The Sussex healthcare provides care for the elderly whether for short term or long term and concern for chronically ill. They offer modern technological facilities, and the homes cater for all individuals of all ages and medical difficulties. It provides seven full residential facilities for its members.