The Truth About Freedom Checks

The truth about freedom checks

Recently the media introduced something new called the ‘’freedom checks”. They air an advertisement with Matt Badiali holding a big test of $ 114,287 looking precisely like the tax refund check. Many investors with minimal knowledge have dismissed it as a scam that works for a tiny percentage of the people who try it. Much of the freedom checks confusion is because they are not very well understood. Many do not know Matt Badiali and what makes him qualified to advertise the opportunity. Matt Badiali is a expert financial analyst, and his work has taken him all over the world enabling him to learn the truth about investment directly from the sources.

The one thing that distinguishes freedom check’s from the other scams is that it is an investment and were introduced as an investment newsletter. Matt Badiali promotes ‘’master limited partnerships’’ (MLP) which are of two types. The MLPs have been used since 1981 and have brought significant benefits. There are limitations on freedom checks, mainly two primary regulations. First 90% of the revenue powering freedom checks must in the form of storage, transportation, processing or production of natural resources like oil and gas in America. The companies must also agree on paying the checks every year.

Congress enacted statute 26-F in 1987. Companies that meet the statute’s requirements are allowed to present their stakeholders with the checks and operate as tax-free entities. The law requires that companies involved in the transportation, processing, and production must distribute 90% of their revenue to stakeholders.

It is easy to invest in these opportunities as it requires purchasing shares in an MLP. There is an option of investing in other stocks. Investors do not pay taxes on their investments and for those that want to sell their shares can do so on capital gain tax rates.

Over $34.6 billion in freedom checks have been paid because of the most recent tax plan that brought considerable earnings to a wide range of people. Freedom check’s are not free checks from the government. They are high yield investments that need commitment.

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