UKV PLC: Excellent Wine at Your Fingertips

Wine is a very versatile commodity. It may be given as a gift; it may be the highlight of a dinner party and most importantly, a very profitable investment. Investment in wine grown by around 20% since Brexit. It is becoming an increasingly attractive investment with a return on investment of 15-20%. Unlike the volatile stock and gold markets, wine is less so. Once stock is consumed, it cannot be replaced. The older a bottle of wine gets the more valuable it becomes. This rare combination of desirable and scarce makes for quite the money making avenue. This means that a lot of ‘newbies’ are entering the market. As such, it is imperative that one finds a partner with extensive knowledge of the industry. A partner who will be there to help navigate the world of wine. A partner who will listen to a client’s specifications and suggest brands accordingly.

Perfect Partner

UKV PLC is a UK based wine merchant. The company stocks everything from everyday wine brands to expensive collectors bottles. UKV PLC has amassed a reputation for acquisition of the most illustrious, exciting and pleasurable investment grade luxury fine wine and champagne. From the moment one contacts the company expressing interest in their services, clients are treated to exceptional customer service with dedicated consultants and access to a wealth of information about the best wines to indulge. The company’s online store is perfect for bulk purchases of different brands.

With You In Every Step

The first thing consultants will say is that quality trumps quantity every time. UKV PLC’s knowledgeable consultants are flexible and will meet the clients at the company offices and even in their own homes. Once the customer has bought their wine, bottles are transferred to a bonded warehouse. These are government stores where security is tight, and the buildings are temperature controlled. The dedicated consultant stays in touch with the client forfrequent valuation updates and other market news to learn more: click here.

Investment in wine is under tax-free laws currently. This is to say that once a client decides to sell their collection, they will not pay capital gains tax. With a partner like UKV PLC, one should fear not when treading new wine investment ground.