Vijay Eswaran Carefully Advises New Job Seekers

New job seekers in any market must be careful with the decisions they make and interviews that they take. Every job is not a perfect fit. It is also advantageous for someone who is new to the workforce to always look for opportunities to take risk. This is an important aspect of business according to Vijay Eswaran, especially in industries that are rapidly changing such as technology. Jobs that exist currently will be obsolete in just a few years. That is why it’s important to look for trends and be prepared to adjust even if the company is not.

Gaining work experience in a particular industry is very important. However, Vijay Eswaran believes that it is possible for junior executives to create jobs as well as hold jobs. It is important to align oneself with a company that matches their qualifications and personality. Sometimes a start-up corporation is a better fit for someone who is ambitious and creative. They’re not afraid to assign a lot of responsibility. This will hold true with a startup company that would have a small staff and is looking to grow within a particular industry. The startup will be rapidly changing so new executives must be prepared to adjust. Each person will be counted upon to supervise their own tasks and take full responsibility. There is very little room for delegation in a startup company because there is simply not enough personnel to carry the load.

Large corporations will have the opposite working environments. They are bonded to work procedures that have been proven to be successful over a number of years. There’s a set way of doing everything and the responsibilities are very defined. There will not be the level of freedom of self expression in a large corporation because it is so finely tuned and organized from top to bottom.

Vijay Eswaran’s career has led him around the world. He grew up in Malaysia and landed in Europe where he received a degree from the London School of Economics. Eswaran moved on to Southern Illinois University where he obtained a Masters in Business Administration. Vijay leads his own successful company called QI Group. QI Group currently runs out of Hong Kong