Visiting A Hot Spring Resort With Kim Dao Is A Lot Of Fun

No matter what the topic may be, the online videos made by Australian video blogger Kim Dao are always entertaining to watch.


In a video that she published in October of 2016, Kim Dao and a friend have a lot of fun while visiting a hot spring resort in Tokyo, Japan.


The video leads off with Kim Dao and her friend relaxing outdoors, in front of a large hot spring resort complex. In her usual friendly manner, Kim relates relevant information to her viewers as they make their way through the resort.


As with most of her other videos, Kim Dao’s trip to the resort features a pleasant musical soundtrack that plays when there is no dialogue.


It is interesting to observe closeup facets of Japanese life in the fun videos that Kim Dao creates. When the girls enter the hot spring resort they immediately remove their shoes, then store them in tiny lockers.


Once they are inside of the resort, Kim Dao and her friend receive scannable wristbands, then choose loose-fitting, yukata kimonos to wear. Kim explains to viewers how the wristbands can be scanned when the wearer is purchasing food, merchandise, or services. Total payments are made when the customer is leaving the resort.


Kim Dao and her friend play some arcade-style games, and eat at a Korean restaurant, then do some shopping in the mall-like main area of the resort. Due to her warm and unpretentious style, Kim Dao can turn any activity into a fun video.