Wes Edens: Establishing the Fortress Investment Group

The Fortress Investment Group is a financial company that was co-founded by several individuals. One of them is Wes Edens, who is a brilliant investor and businessman known for being one of the most successful individuals in the industry. Aside from being a co-founder of a financial firm, he is also the owner of some sports team. He invested a lot to purchase the Milwaukee Bucks and FlyQuest, sports teams playing for the National Basketball Association and League of Legends, respectively. Wes Edens attended the Oregon State University, and after studying hard to reach the top, he was rewarded with a Bachelor’s Degree, specializing in Finance and Business Administration. He joined the Lehman Brothers as a managing director right after graduating from the university, and he worked with the financial firm for six years before leaving them for better opportunities. He owes a lot from Lehman Brothers because his knowledge of the financial industry grew under their watch. His expertise focuses on holdings, and how to multiply investments to earn more profit. To further his career in the field of finances, he decided to transfer to BlackRock Asset Investors. He was given the position as the managing director, holding the title for four years.

After working as an employee for several years, Wes Edens thought of establishing his own company instead so that he can earn more profit and he can control his time. He contacted some of his friends who are good investors and persuaded them to found the Fortress Investment Group in 1998. Wes Edens’ knowledge on how the field of finances works resulted in the sudden growth of the company. He would invest some of the company’s assets to shares which he thinks would rake in more profit, and most of the time, he gets it right. The Wall Street Journal even published an article focusing his techniques and styles on how to overcome the stock market. The Fortress Investment Group was later on sold to the public as a stock, and they were being traded by the year 2007. Around 8% of the total value of the company was publicly sold, and its value is estimated to be at $600 million.

The revenue posted by the Fortress Investment Group grew steadily, and because of the never-ending profit that they are making, Wes Edens managed to purchase several assets that will be named after the company. In 2007, he purchased a lot of funds including hedge funds, private equity funds real estate funds. It was immediately decided that the funds should be put in public, and Wes Edens was given a position inside the company. He served as the board of director’s co-chairman, helping the company with all his skills and knowledge to be restored from its previous losses incurred after its value at the stock market fell. He blamed the crisis on the mortgage for the company’s decrease in value, but he later on clarified that he will be working on something else that would benefit the company fully.