Whitney Wolfe, A Successful Matchmaker

Whitney Wolfe is a founder and the CEO of Bumble. Bumble is a dating app that allows women to initiate contact. She attended Southern Methodist University where she pursued international studies.

Bumble is one of the fastest growing mobile apps in the world today. In 2012 she became a co-founder of Tinder and afterward used the experience to build different ideas. Eventually, she met Andrey Andreev, the founder, and CEO of Badoo who made her a Chief Marketing Officer of the company. With a group of three co-founders, Bumble was born. With this partnership, the company was up and running.

In less than two years Bumble has grown to over 10 million users due to Whitney’s strategic vision. Whitney Wolfe’s mission was to create a female-first platform based on positive behavior and foster meaningful relationships between individuals. Later on Bumble’s New York City Hive was formed on Mercer Street, this physical space was opened as a trial to formalize the community that was already building around it. The opening of Bumble’s New York City Hive was something that people could readily associate with in real life.

Today Bumble has grown, and Whitney Wolfe has addressed the issue that other companies are taking chances on. The dating up features have been made to appear peaceful to make people feel at ease while they approach this app. Many people visit the app making Bumble very successful in such a short period. Bumble is trying to reach out to other social networks, and they look forward to working with Facebook.

Whitney Wolfe has made millions of women to associate and respectably make partners of their own. She has officially found her match. She married Michael Herd who is in a gas and oil business. Her wedding took place in Positano, Italy in September 2017. Bumble created an app called BFF. The main feature in BFF is explicitly helping people become friends instead of dating. The app enables you to become friends with people Bumble thinks you can be friends. Bumble is an excellent app that goes beyond just dating but friendship too.

Recently Bumble introduced Bizz for professional networking mentorship. Bizz allows users to find connections within Bumble, allows one to post photos, curriculum vitae and even their jobs too. Bizz and BFF just in one app to help you find your newest best friend. Gladly Bumble has provided an advanced switch method that allows you to navigate around the profile without bumping.