Why IAP Worldwide Services is the Leading Service Provider

When it comes to service provision, IAP Worldwide Services has carved a niche in the industry. Some of the support services the company offers include management services, contingency and technical assistance among other services. Europe and the Middle East has significantly benefitted from the help of IAP which has its operation in more than 25 countries.

Government and other organizations such as businesses and healthcare providers have also received great support from IAP Worldwide Services, which is thriving with Doug Kitani as the CEO.

Short History

The company was formed in the year 1953 and was involved in the building of space launch in Florida, which marked the first space launch in America. IAP Worldwide Services continued its services mainly offering aviation support until the 1990s when it went international and began offering a broad spectrum of services. A major restructuring of the company occurred in the year 2014 where it got 80% of depth conversion to equity and hence reducing depth equity ratio.

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Job Opportunities

IAP Worldwide services are always looking for qualified individuals and professionals to work with so as to provide quality services. The company is among the top hiring institutions in the US, and it advertises vacancies through their website and a LinkedIn account that is always active 24 hours. The company works hard to ensure that all the employees are provided with a conducive working environment, and they highly value every worker in their business giving them support and investing in their personal growth. There are various positions available through their websites such as fire protection inspectors, data specialists, field representatives and many others.

Contract with US Navy

IAP Worldwide has over the years won many contracts, and they have given their best to ensure the success of their different operations. The company entered a deal with the US Navy worth $900 million. They were excited about the opportunity and saw it as a chance to serve their loyal customer to their satisfaction. The record of achievement and portfolio is what led to the awarding of the contract.

IAP Worldwide is always ready to undertake any challenges that come on the way as long as it is serving customers. Though the company has been operating for more than six decades, it has maintained the quality of services and relation to their clients. The company also ensures that it has staffs who are motivated so as to give out their best.

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