Why Peter Briger Will Continue To Remain In Forbes 400 List of Billionaires

Having wealth is one thing, and retaining it for longer is quite another. Many people do not know this secret. What is more, many of those that at one point was at the top have found themselves at the bottom. They do one mistake after another thus there is really nothing that one can do to remain at the top. Peter Briger, one of the billionaires in the Forbes top 400 list knows that for one to retain his wealth, they have to sacrifice some things. Yes, Briger knows that the secret to the keeping of wealth is to ensure you share with those that deserve.

Who Is Peter Briger?

Peter Briger is a co-chairman and principal of Fortress Investment Group. Heb has held those two positions for some time. First, he became a member of the board in 2006 and later in 2009; Briger was elected to be the co-chairman. Even on these oversight roles at Fortress Investment Group, Peter also has his own department that he directs. He is in charge of the Credit and Real Estate section at the Fortress Investment Group.

Before joining Fortress Investment Group, Briger worked for several major credit and financial intuitions. One of these is the Goldman Sachs. While at the Goldman, Peter Briger sat on several committees. He even presided on some of these committees. Although it might look that Peter has an overwhelming job on his shoulders, there is more to him that many people don’t know. For instance, although Briger is Co-principal, co-chair, and has his own department that he oversees at Fortress Investment Group, he has other responsibilities in San Francisco. For instance, Briger is a member of two different boards in San Francisco. He is a board member of Caliber Schools. These are charter schools that prepare students for success in very fierce competitive 4-year college education. He also sits on a board at Tipping Point. The latter is a non-profit organization whose aim is to serve low-income families.

Educational Background

Peter Briger has a B.A and a further MBA that he got from the University of Pennsylvania.  GiftFrom Alumni Supports Princeton Entrepreneurship