Wikipedia Steps Up

Undoubtedly, if you use the internet at all, especially a search engine, you are familiar with Wikipedia. This collaborative online encyclopedia, while imparting us with knowledge, also serves as a powerful marketing tool. Online presence is a “must have” in today’s market and when you create¬†a Wikipedia page that is attached to your business website can significantly add visibility and profitability. Outside sources posting on your business Wikipedia page show that the brand you are selling is a known commodity. It is also important to note that when it comes to businesses, Wikipedia has stringent guidelines on promotional pages. For that reason, it is recommended that professional Wikipedia experts develop a page for your business to minimize the risk of having your Wikipedia information deleted.

With over 20 million users and 18 billion page views per month, Wikipedia is arguably the largest public resource on the internet. Because anyone can contribute to Wikipedia articles (within guidelines), the information that can be obtained from one subject can come from many different knowledge areas. It also follows that higher income areas receive a larger Wikipedia presence. The downfall to this may be articles written about subjects by those who have no direct knowledge of the subject. Take, for instance, Native Americans, our indigenous race. Somewhere between 63 and 85% of America’s indigenous population live on tribal lands with no access to the broadband required to contribute to articles, let alone read them. Their accomplishments and ways of life go largely unnoticed and unreported because they lack notability. Wikipedia is, thankfully, taking notice of the lack of information about those with little access to the internet and is taking steps to invite people to help improve it’s coverage.

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